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The house is the place where we experience some of the most beautiful lovely family moments in our life and this place should help the family members live those experiences in the kitchen, living room, and outdoor spaces. The dialog between soft and hard materials, vivid and pale colors, and the light filtering into these lovely spaces, are dances to enjoy! We love to design spaces where these materials have a place to live and invite people to sit, walk, dine or sleep!



Each family needs a space outdoors to play, to socialize, to smell the flowers, to enjoy the sun, and to relax. We enjoy to design and built spaces that will invite you live more outdoors and inspire you to dream, to imagine, to dance, to sculpt, to paint, and to sing the beautiful experience of life!



A pool in your house will help your kids to exercise, play, and have fun! It would also be a place where your whole family socialize and celebrate special occasions and birthday parties! We enjoy to design pools that brings the family out more often and creates a beautiful place in the garden surrounded by fragrant flowers and trees to enjoy. It becomes the paradise you have dreamed of!

Easy country living in Rancho Santa Fe


Nadene Cates and John Cates wanted a kitchen with cabinets in light colors and a unique backsplash with natural stone. Nadene also wanted wrought iron on some cabinet doors. We designed the backsplash with natural stone cut in place and each one of them in different colors and different sizes. We then tumble them and assembled them in place. The end result turned out to be beautiful! We also designed and built onyx panels with light under them and install them under the kitchen bar. They also looked beautiful! We install green granite counter tops to harmonize with the backsplash and install travertine floor that harmonize with the cabinets. Nadene was happy with her beautiful kitchen!



Classic Architectural Landscape and Pool


When we fist started designing this project, Ofelia Reyes along with Javier Reyes wanted a classical style for their house, landscape and pool. They also needed a Tennis Court for their family to enjoy. These spaces where to be built partially on a steeped slope. We decided to design the project around a circulation spine that ends up in the tennis court which becomes their destination area to play. We built tall retaining walls along the north property line which held the tennis court. We then built the circulation spine, the swimming pool, the spa, the fire pit, fireplace, and seating area. We also re-built most of the house. We design and built the kitchen, home office, entrance, and the master bedroom.



Enjoy Artistic Finishes

Stain it to please your heart!


DECORATIVE concrete stain

Robert Willyard and Nina Willyard wanted a Terrace to overlook their yard. We designed a terrace with a beautiful floor. The floor was made of overlay concrete over regular concrete deck. The acid stain color looked like leather and the leaf matched the rest of the leaves throughout the yard.



We designed the flower pot over the bull-nose concrete pilaster cap so that it would have water, drainage, and a landscape light in it. The succulent plants keep their original color for most of the year. a set of 6 pilasters form the main entrance to the house.


trex deck

The deck made out of trex is the final destination of the backyard. This deck overlooks corona and there is beautiful view from this area. The wrought iron fence curves as well and makes a beautiful compliment to the leaves.


Jar with water

We designed a reflecting pool in a Ying-Yang shape for the kids to play and we install jars with water that work with the rest of the jets in the floor of the pool. The water jets are interactive and create a joyful water effect for the kids to enjoy!


A garden to enjoy

Yorba Linda


a beautiful pool carved in the slope

Gorge and Tricia Livermore wanted a yard with a pool, fireplace, bbq island, patio cover, pilasters, and a gazebo on top of the slope for his beautiful kid to relax and spend some time alone. We designed the pool by carving it into the slope. We also designed retaining walls and a staircase to create a pathway towards the gazebo. The wall cap over the retaining walls and curbing looked beautiful. We install natural ledger stone on the walls surrounding the pool, on the pilasters, and on the fireplace. The wood pergola had thick posts and beams that made look solid and the beam-end carvings match the style of the house.


Flower concrete stain

This flower was install in the middle of the seating area, under a solid patio cover. We enjoyed designing this flower because we wanted to look natural and all the edges were similar, but unique. The star in the middle created a beautiful artistic effect of having depth in the center.


arbor over pilasters

We designed an wrought iron arbor around the center of a pathway that connected the house with the deck to create an accent in the middle of the yard. The arch also served as en entryway to that side of the yard.


pergola detail

The connection detail between the precast concrete column and the beams was designed so that it would also help us install a speaker and a small light illuminating the column. The connections between the beams were not visible.

REYES 9.jpg

spa with beautiful marbel columns

The spa was built with carved marvel columns from Italy and a wrought iron dome. The columns closely matched other columns in the portico and other places.

REYES 11.jpg


In this project, we use balustrades around the circulation spine, the balcony overlooking the beautiful pool and around the seating area surrounding the fire place. The steps were made of white color concrete and the bull-nose details made it enjoyable to walk on.